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Easily organise your complete workflow from new adverts, search back issues, classifieds, history of accounts, production and users

Our Flagship Product provides an expert Advert Booking System for the News and Print Industry. Core is a web-app which we can host for you or can be installed on an in-house server for speed and increased security. Our goal with Core is to link directly with your Accounts System and Production/Workflow System. This means that only one client listing needs to be maintained. It also gives Accounts full control of the booking process so certain client accounts can be put on hold if needed.

Core Advert Management

Core, is a powerful, web-based application that provides a Booking Engine and Customer Marketing System for your Sales Force that links directly to your Accounts and Production System. The system is designed to be modular so you can choose the features you require. As a web-based application there are no high per-user client licences to pay.

Main Benefits:

On line browser based - A Web-based business application with features that give users the ability to remain in touch with operations at all times from anywhere in the world

No software to install - No client software licences. Virtually unlimited users

Real Time Information - joins together all relevant employees in a network which gives real-time information on the status of ad bookings, accounts and production.

More user friendly

Full reporting function

Core Classifieds

Core Classifieds is our powerful Classifeds Adverts system that can be used on its own or as an add-on module to Core Advert Management


Booking for Lineage, Display and InMemoriam/Death Notices

Visual Preview of the advert as its being typed

Fully customisable Rates

Ability to handle PO Box Numbering, Advert Borders etc

Integrated to ClassForce for Classified Page Layout.

Mobile Core

We are currently working on a version of Core for use on the iPad and iPhone to enable your Sales Staff to interact with the Core server while on the move and make the sales process instant while with the client.

Currently Core will work on Web Browsers on Mobile Devices, but this will give a far richer user experience and faster access to data with a Dedicated App. Release date will be issued soon.

Classforce Applescript

This is an Applescript to take a feed from any Classifieds Booking System in a defined CSV format and feed it to Quark Express to get back Adverts heights. The resulting output file can then be fed directly to Classforce for Classified advert Layout. We provide this script free with every installation of Core and can be purchased seperately for €80.

Full usage instructions are supplied with it on how to integrage it with your Classifieds Booking System.